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Modular bathroom pods

Prefabricated bathroom pods are popular for new builds or refurbishment projects.
Prefabrication guarantees a high-quality finish and total compliance with building regulations and standards.
We control the whole production process, from design to site delivery and everything in between, including assembly and time keeping. Unlike building sites, we are not subject to delays due to bad weather!
The advantages of prefabrication are numerous: time and cost savings, quick installation, easy maintenance, robust structure and hard-wearing materials.
Thanks to our well-honed production process, a prefabricated bathroom is often cheaper than an on-site build, and ours come with a 10-year guarantee.

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3-function model

Install a 2-3 function prefabricated bathroom pod.
Choose from several models in various shapes, colours and materials.

Our high-quality prefabricated bathrooms can be delivered in different ways:

  • Fully moulded in one piece, with no vertical joints, meaning a smooth finish and a watertight wet room.
  • Or in several parts, with a separate shower tray and partitions – ideal for refurbishments.

We provide solutions for all spaces – from 9m² student accommodation to wheelchair-accessible rooms of over 20m².
Our pods are both practical and pleasant to use.
Our ready-to-install modules are ideal for new builds or refurbishments and come with a 10-year guarantee.
An excellent solution for hotels, student accommodation, modular constructions, retirement homes, care homes, hospitals and social housing.

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1-function model

Install a 1-function prefabricated bathroom pod.

We offer a single-function module moulded in one piece, watertight, no vertical joints, fully-fitted, ready to install in less than 2 hours.
Available for showers or toilets, with or without a changing area.
The prefabricated module is both elegant and robust, with stainless steel door frame, compact door, timed flow taps etc.
Our ready-to-install modules are ideal for new builds or refurbishments and come with a 10-year guarantee.
Ideal for cloakrooms, gyms, tiny houses, chalets and campsites etc.

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Our standard products

SB01 Standard toilet module



SB02 Standard shower module



SB03 Standard shower module



SB21 Standard module



SB05 Standard module



SB08 Standard module



SB09 Standard module



SB10 Standard module



SB15 Descriptif modèle standard


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SB18 Standard module/strong>



SB04 Standard PRM module 01



SB04 Standard PRM module 02



SB14 Standard module



Download all plans

If you are working to a tight budget or schedule or with limited space, our standard bathrooms may be the answer.
We have a full range of high-end bathrooms, from a basic pod to a fully-fitted PRM-accessible design.

Delivery of your bespoke design within 12 weeks

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Materials – Finish – options

Customise your prefabricated bathroom pod.
We offer a range of finishes: non-slip floor, flexible floor covering, tile effect, tiling, smooth or structured partitions, white or coloured, with tile inserts etc.
Choose your options in terms of fittings and design.
Our sanitary modules are all designed to meet building regulations and achieve end-user satisfaction.


Our bathroom pods are built in the west of France, near Laval
 and stored in our warehouses before dispatch.
The pods can be transported to building sites across France, in tautliner or tailgate lift trucks.

Unload with a crane, telescopic lift or fork-lift.
Our works manager will supervise delivery.

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