Commitments for the

Our commitment to 
sustainable development is threefold:

In our everyday operations

– We select products that are safe for humans and for the environment

– We avoid waste. We also monitor the weight of our products to check consumption and avoid wasting raw material

– We recycle and upcycle (wood, cardboard, paper, iron etc.)

– We are continuously improving the efficiency of our industrial processes, e.g. with the use of bio-sourced resin

In our products

By selecting local suppliers

We source from local suppliers, which means shorter supply chains, improved relations and quicker turnarounds:

– ESAT (workshops employing workers with disabilities) for pallets and wood panels,

– Carpenters for bathroom fittings,

– Metalworkers for metallic structures,

– Glaziers for mirrors and shower cubicles,

– If we don’t find a local supplier, we look further afield within the west of France, before searching nationwide.

By saving water

We fit water-saving taps and shower heads as standard:

– Basin mixer tap 5 litres/min with a 500 000-cycle warranty (average life 10-15 years/ceramic disc cartridge).

– Shower head 9 litres/min with a 500 000-cycle warranty (average life 10-15 years/ceramic disc cartridge).

By saving energy

We use energy-saving long-lasting LED spotlights

By providing maximum durability

Our products are entirely manufactured in our factory, so we monitor the whole process. They are packaged and covered to minimise waste at the delivery point. On site, the tarpaulin is included with the non-hazardous construction waste.

Breakdown for a standard SB10 bathroom:
Made at our plant in Mayenne: 42.03%
Local suppliers: 24.91%
National suppliers: 20.63%
Fibre/resin: 12.43%

A prefabricated resin bathroom pod lasts for at least 30 years. During that time, it can be repaired or renovated and parts can be replaced

In our materials: bio-sourced resin

For a standard sanitary module, the resin represents some 12.5% of the overall cost. In recent collaborations with our suppliers we have developed parts made from bio-sourced resins.

The little-used production process has several advantages. The components are a product of second generation green chemistry, made from sugars obtained from the hydrolysis of cellulose found in straw, wood, leaves and grasses.

The use of plant waste does not affect a food chain in any way.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers bathroom pods made from bio-sourced resin.

Characteristics of bio-sourced resin:
Viscosity at 23°C: 5.5 dPa.s
Dry extract: 54%
Freezing time from 23°C: 8 mins 30 secs
Renewable content: 26%

Characteristics of bio-sourced resin:
Production process: Hand Lay-Up
Description: Orthophthalic acid resin
Reference: Enquire
Average renewable content: 26%

Our commitments

A wholly environmentally-friendly

We have been sorting waste (wood, cardboard, iron etc.) for a long time and we design our containers to keep disposable packaging to a minimum. We collect dust and dispose of it responsibly.

of bio-sourced composites

We have been experimenting the use of plant-based fibres as a substitute for fibreglass for a number of years now. Hemp fibre is currently being used to make outdoor decorative elements for local councils. We are pursuing research in resins with bio-sourced content.

to last

Resin stands the test of time. Our sanitary blocks are guaranteed 10 years. They are excellent value for money, easy to clean, robust and great-looking.

No waste
of raw materials

We monitor the weight of our products to check consumption and avoid wasting raw material We are currently looking into upcycling thermoset waste.

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